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The participants were not informed which agent they were playing with for which games. “One participant said that they were so stressed out at the bad play from the AI agent that they actually got a headache,” says Jaime Pena, a researcher in the AI Technology and Systems Group and an author on the paper. “Another said that they thought the rule-based agent was dumb but workable, whereas the AI agent showed that it understood the rules, but that its moves were not cohesive with what a team looks like. To them, it was giving bad hints, making bad plays.” This perception of AI making “bad plays” links to surprising behavior researchers have observed previously in reinforcement learning work. For example, in 2016, when DeepMind’s AlphaGo first defeated one of the world’s best Go players, one of the most widely praised moves made by AlphaGo was move 37 in game 2 , a move so unusual that human commentators thought it was a mistake. Later analysis revealed that the move was actually extremely well-calculated, and was described as “genius.” Such moves might be praised when an AI opponent performs them, but they’re less likely to be celebrated in a team setting. The Lincoln Laboratory researchers found that strange or seemingly illogical moves were the worst offenders in breaking humans’ trust in their AI teammate in these closely coupled teams. Such moves not only diminished players’ perception of how well they and their AI teammate worked together, but also how much they wanted to work with the AI at all, especially when any potential payoff wasn’t immediately obvious.

During Nazi occupation, my mother hid her school diploma in her bra with the hope that someday she could finish her education. She survived by tutoring the people who concealed her in their barn, which convinced her that education saved her life. As a mother, she relentlessly pushed my brothers and me to earn postgraduate degrees. After graduating from law school, I found my home in the Philadelphia district attorney’s office handling court cases from the city’s toughest neighborhoods. Being a warrior for go!! the underdog, for the victim of crimes, was my inheritance and my calling. It confirmed what I had been taught at home: People are bad. My goal was to impart this same knowledge to judges and juries. I moved to California, and eventually joined another DA’s office, where my hard, cynical view fueled my promotions. It had not yet occurred to me that a career locking up people who committed crimes was the descendant of my parents’ tragic losses. In 1998, I filed an attempted murder charge against Joseph Herrera, a 19-year-old gang member who stabbed another gang member multiple times with the clear intent to kill. The stabbing came after a perceived disrespect that demanded payback, and it was Joseph’s ticket to gang respect and leadership.

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of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “Today’s successful outcome is a testament to the hard work of our partners, and the dedication they have to the safety of our communities.” “Today’s verdict marks the end of a decade of violence and lawlessness inflicted upon our communities by ruthless gang members,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Mary Jane Stewart for the Middle District of Tennessee. “This investigation resulted in federal charges against 32 gang members and associates, including 12 in this RICO indictment. No longer will they be in a position to bring such violent and more… destructive behavior upon our communities. We look forward to the sentencing phase of this case so that we can be assured that Mr. Hardison never has the opportunity to commit another crime. I commend our law enforcement partners and prosecution team for staying the course and bringing justice on behalf of our citizens.” “This conviction removed one of Clarksville’s most violent criminals from the streets,” said Special Agent in Charge Mickey French of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Nashville Field Division. “Though we were able to disrupt the activities of this violent organization, our work is not done. In order to keep our communities safe, ATF and our law enforcement partners remain committed to pursuing these violent gangs that engage in dangerous and illegal activities.” Hardison is last of 12 defendants indicted by a grand jury in this investigation against the Gangster Disciples.
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